Heliabrine Body Care Heliaslim Massage Cup


  • This silicone suction cup helps reduce the unsightly effects of cellulite by reproducing the famous ‘PALPATE-ROLL’ massage, the most effective and known technique to get rid of orange peel skin. It fights all types of cellulite (aqueous, adipose, fibrous). WARNINGS : To use with the HELIASLIM Massage Wax only.
  • HOW TO USE See leaflet. CAUTION : - To be used only on areas with cellulite such as : thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen and arms. - It should not be used in case of pregnancy. - Do not use if you have varicose veins, bad blood circulation, if you take anticoagulants or experience dermatological diseases. - It should never be used on a dry skin (without HELIASLIM Massage Wax). - The massage should be done following the direction of blood circulation : from the bottom to the top of the body. Never do back and forth on the treated area. - Use only gentle soap or shower gel to clean the HELIASLIM Cup.

  • Silicone