Michael Kors Sexy Ruby EDP

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Magnify your sexy – that’s the tagline that accompanies Sexy Ruby, the brand new fragrance from Michael Kors. The idea is that you can illuminate and emphasise your natural sexiness with just a few spritzes of this brand new fragrance. Michael Kors says that a woman’s natural confidence is the very thing that makes her sexy, not what she wears, and Sexy Ruby most certainly feels like a confident fragrance, with its eye-catching gemstone bottle and it’s bold and brassy scent. It’s the perfect thing to magnify that sexy of yours.
Michael Kors classifies the fragrance as a floral chypre – one that is dazzling, radiant and fiery, much like the stone from which it takes its name. Now, when I think of chypre, I think of the mossy, standoffish classics such as Guerlain’s Mitsouko, but Sexy Ruby is not like this at all and it would be fair to say that it falls firmly into the category of a modern chypre, which is more about the contrast of light florals and darker materials such as musk, or patchouli. Sexy Ruby captures this style and illuminates it with a bright red light.

Top: Raspberry, Apricot, Davana and Pepper
Heart: Orange Blossom Absolute, Indian Jasmine
Base: Moss Crystal, Cashmere Woods and Vanilla Bean

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